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Occlusal Splints & Thermoformed Appliances

Precision started life as an orthodontic lab so you can rest assured we provide high-quality occlusal splints and thermoformed appliances.

We manufacture:

Occlusal Splints

  • Michigan/Tanner Stabilisation Splints
  • Deprogrammer Appliance/B Splints
  • DAASA Splints
  • Anti Snoring/Sleep Apnoea Splints

Thermo Formed

  • Nightguards
  • Soft Nightguards
  • Hard Nightguards
  • Dual Laminate (Soft/hard)

Whitening Trays

  • Made to your prescription – gingivally trimmed, scalloped, reservoirs etc…


  • Clear Rigid or flexible material straight cut or gingivally trimmed.
  • Pontic/Acrylic Teeth in clear retainer – (temp bridge)

Sports Mouthguards

  • In a variety of colours.