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Precision started life as an orthodontic lab so you can rest assured we can provide for all your orthodontic needs. We provide high-quality Orthodontic appliances and services to many NHS and Private Orthodontic Practices and Dental surgeries across the UK. We have established a dedicated team of highly skilled registered technicians with over 30 years of experience between them.

Traditional Orthodontics

Whether you send us alginate impressions or digital scans we manufacture a wide range of traditional handcrafted orthodontic appliances (full range in our products and price list) including:

Assessors of Orthodontic Treatment – (PAR Calibrated)

We are registered assessors of orthodontic treatment (PAR Calibrated) and for audit and quality control measures we offer an independent PAR scoring service. The PAR index is a fast, simple and robust way of assessing the standard of orthodontic treatment and we can provide this service both traditionally and digitally using 3Shape’s Orthosystem.

Digital Orthodontics

Already digital or going digital you’ll be in safe hands with us. We can accept digital files from a range of intra-oral scanners and in a variety of formats (Itero, 3Shape, Sirona, Care Stream & Medit.)

Any of these files can then be 3D printed for use in manufacturing appliances, either in a traditional handcrafted way or by digitally milling, printing or sintering. Some of our appliances can also be designed and Milled/3D Printed without the need for printing models providing further accuracy.

Our Digital page provides details of how to access our digital services and our products and price list provides you with further details of the products we can digitally manufacture.

Digital Model Service.

Our services include:

  • Conversion Service: Need your old plaster study models turned into 3D files?
  • Archiving: Coming soon – Don’t want the hassle of setting up a system to store your digital files safely and securely in compliance with GDPR legislation. We can do this for you – you’ll get your own unique username and password to access your digital models anytime you need.
  • 3D Digital Study Model Service: Send us your intraoral scans and we’ll do the rest to turn these true Orthodontic 3D Digital Study Models with Occlusal and Sagital planes.
  • 3D Printing Service: If you need an actual model just let us know and we can print a model at the touch of a button.
  • NHSBSA – Send us either your plaster models or digital scans and we can help you comply with the NHS Business Services Authority’s requirements.
  • Digital Bracket Removal: You can scan your patient with brackets on and then we’ll digitally remove them prior to making the retainer.
  • Lab To Lab – We also offer a Lab To Lab model printing service.

Free Software

3Shape Orthoviewer is a simple, easy-to-use software for viewing orthodontic study models scanners. Download it Here

The program allows you to view digital models in full standard view, single arch or open/closed occlusion; simple point-to-point measurements are also available. Other features include full 3D rotation, zooming and panning. You can also capture and print any view with the convenient snapshot printing function. For full diagnostic treatment planning, a more extensive Ortho Analyzer software is available (yearly license fees apply).